1. bobmundo123

    Uhh.. Unreliable channel Overflow?

    uhh.. Hey there Guys! It's been a reallyyy long time.. since ive been playing esf.. i must say.. things have changed quite a bit.. the pictures of new upcoming one looks outstandingg!!.. omg.. can not wait for you guys to finish lol.. You guy are awesome.. haha.. but yea.. For some reason I am...
  2. D

    Reliable channel overflow?

    Hey when i try and join a server it says "Reliable channel over flowed and i have steam and half life Please tell me what i should do :(
  3. Raven

    SZ_GetSpace: overflow on SVC_RuleInfo

    Well,I tried to set up a dedicated server for the openbeta of jan 20th '07 but with no luck. The Server itself runs fine, the problem is everytime I try to connect to it I get SZ_GetSpace: overflow on SVC_RuleInfo spamage in my console. I'm running it on linux without Metamod or AMXX. This Error...
  4. Scorcher2k


    I assumed that the reason for adminmod being added to the 1.1 servers before it was updated was to prevent devil to overflow the servers. I hadn't seen him for the last couple nights and then I just saw him under a different name. i was unable to grab his wonid because he hopped into the...
  5. A


    Whee, yet another problem. Why's it say overflow and throw me off a server? Do I just have the cursed beta and no one else gets these horrendous problems?
  6. M


    Has anyone been having Overflow problems on PT server since they updated to 1.1?
  7. O


    every time i join a server i play a couple mins ... than it locks up ... then the game says there is a connection problem... after that i get kicked out of the server and it says "Oni Rei Overflowed" Here are my system specs: AMD duron 800 512 pc13 apollo kt266 mb Pine geforce 2 mx 400...
  8. DJ-Ready

    Sound Overflow!?

    Everytime when i´m playin ESF on a LAN gmae the game says after 10 secs "Sound Overflow" and kicks me out!? But only when i play it on LAN.... the only way im gettin in workin is to deactivate mah soundchip in mah bios...