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    i dont know if posting about webpage games is against the rules or not if it is just delete the thread. i just recently started playing out war and could use help from a lot of ppl, you can help me by going to this site http://www.***********/page.php?x=1763215 the site makes me stronger...
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    0utwar is not allowed on the forum. -Cucumba -Forum Administrator
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    Want to see something really worth his convention here

    Want to see something really worth his convention here You will press a mouth
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    New Maps
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    NEW Skins for every model.

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    OutWar!!!! Its a GAME!

    Outwar.com ....this is a fun game to pass the time, recruit thugs, earn money, earn points, buy guns, DESTROY THE WORLD!....no really its a great game... *Note: clicking the link will also make you my "Thug"...this doesn't affect you in anyway...just thought you should know... :)
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    Game - OutWar

    Great game, it's about gathering money and growing your CreW, hard to understand in the beginning, but just read the FaQ OutWar By Joining You Automaticcaly join Our "Family Three" this makes everyone Get better, When you clicked scroll down a bit, atleast take a peek, cause when...