1. G

    i get time outs =

    i get timeouts everytime
  2. I

    Some help please?

    I was wondering if someone knew of a place were I could find some DBZ character reference pictures for modeling? like with arms outstretched and all? Thanks for your help -
  3. Eon

    Dedications! Shout outs! Whatever the hell you want!

    Alright, the next week's esf newsletter, I am arranging something new, PM me, for a shout out to someone else on the forums, I know you can PM them and tell them this, but just a way to make it public ;D *EDIT* Forgot to ask for crits, and My pm box is open and ready!
  4. A


    ok nevermind that question how do i reskin a model i got milkshape and adobe photoshop and they still wont work or either i just dont now how to workem somebody plz help
  5. Z

    newest sig

    ok this is my newest sig im kinda testing the gif part of it though so how is it? i noticed when i wiched it it also made the colors flatten so im going to see if i can fix that later
  6. X

    My New Sig

    Well what do u think?? some said they liked it small so i made it small and some extra but i know i also used about 10 mins on it! check it.
  7. USJTrunks

    New siggy

    Do you like it?