1. Optimus Prime

    Twilight Princess Review Causing Outrage

    So, Gamespot gave TP an 8.8, and the backlash was ridiculous. While it has calmed down by now, at least on Gamefaqs, the fans flew off the handle, as can be seen here. Now, I'm not here to say whether or not I disagree with their score, I havn't played the game. Rather, why do people get so...
  2. Rocky

    Avenger...You'll pay for this outrage.

    Thats right, you may have fluked a victory over Magus, but there is no way I will let you defeat me. You think you can make a mockery of Satan's legion of followers, you will pay for your insolence. Fight me, or are you too scared? I request Cuc to ref this battle, not only is he at the top...
  3. Effigy

    Moral Outrage l0l

    I just wanted to say, from looking at teh beta screenshots in the gallery, that the new powerup sprite/model/whatever looks bad? i never say ne1 powerup like this in the series and it looks bad... well thats just my opinion so ill shutup now...