1. $

    Otherworld map issue!!!!!!!!

    I just installed the other world map from esf wod website........but everytime it loads an error occurs that says WARNING: couldn't open lookout.wad can someone help?????????????????
  2. [ESF]zero

    Otherworld journal update

    Go check out the almost complete Otherworld tourney :D http://www.esforces.com/?p=journals&u=zero
  3. imkongkong

    WIP: Otherworld Tournament Revived

    since my other thread was closed i decided to make another one. anyways, i decided to want to release this map, since it's the only map i feel is ready. i actually wanted models of the four kais and the grand kai, but i guess no one wanted to make them =( well here's screenies. when i can...
  4. G

    Otherworld Tournament.

    This is an idea for a map. The Otherworld Tournament! Where Goku and Piccon fought. I would be in the shape of a circle and a square area in the center for the fighting area. A chair for the Grand Kai and rocks hovering above it all, like in the show. If no one plans to make it, i've been...
  5. )v(ajin Cell

    Map ideas for Freedom

    Hey stryker idea for a map to make......Make the otherworld place like below the clouds there could be a fountain filled with bloood and everything btw- is as map patch planned?
  6. catfish

    Otherworld arena, Kai's planet

    These are some suggestions for maps - because i suck at making maps maybe I'll just suggest some ideas to the people that are fantastic at making them. * Otherworld arena - where Goku fought Pikkon. If it's already in ESF i missed it. * Kai's Planet - This could feature the lake with the...
  7. B


    hey esf team i was wondering are you guys going to make a brolli model ecause i think that he would be awsome to put into this game yeah the model might be big but you could make him more powerful????