1. KarrdeKNR

    Organic Indie Preorder Pack (Natural Selection 2 and Overgrowth) Looks like they're puting up a combined preorder push for the same price as the standard NS2 SE. You can check the individual sites for perks, but briefly... Alpha access for both games (though NS2 only has alpha...
  2. frsrblch

    Organic modelling with NURBS

    Does anybody know if this is possible? I use Rhink and it is primarily a NURBS porgram. I know it is better for inorganic stuff, but what about organic? All the models I have seen are meshes, and I know ESF uses meshes. Has anyone here tried to make people with NURBS?
  3. S

    Lightwave Questions

    ok, i was opening the modeller, and i had never used it before, so i messed around with the options... then all of a sudden the menu is gone! how? i dont know, but im asking you how to get it back... please reply if u do...
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