1. Arsenovicius

    Orc sig

    I made this what you think ?
  2. bapplebo

    Orc Head

    Wow, I never knew my computer could take 35k tris. Most of the detail is there. This was meant for me to learn how to build heads. Refs i got by Google Image search, didn't have a signature on it T_T. Fanks for teh refs. And you don't really wanna see the edgelooping on this model.
  3. S

    Orc + Fantasy Environment

    Taking its sweet ass time but heres a shot of something I'm working on, I'd upload the render video but 120mb is to much for dialup hehe ! ohh ignore the axe its not textured yet.....
  4. MaX

    1st animations on my 1st model :)

    http://wave.prohosting.com/~shask/jamesavi.zip those are my 1st animations on my 1st model. critz and stuff. :)
  5. DiebytheSword

    Atomic Divisions concept art

    Here's some stuff I'm working on for AD. Half Orc Barbarian Elf Ranger Human Barbarian (female) Human Barbarian (male) Cut and paste for the goodies kiddies. And don't forget this stuff is strictly for AD, no ripping or altering without my permission. Thanks ;)
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