or me

  1. Sunslayer

    /me = needs sig

    Hey, all, I also would like a signature, it's a bit hard for me to describe on the forums but i basically want a picture of gaara, with kinda yellow sandy background and in the back orochimaru's eyes... any volunteers? btw I give you choice which picture is best for gaara out of the following...
  2. U

    /me need help

    I installed the game and I started to play. When I got on a server they said Your server has been modified, please remove it on order to play this mod (or something like that) please help
  3. F

    hey guys

    dont know if this is on the topic but should be. im making a new ut2003 mod that has all the goals set, but just needs the people ..... (from modelers to coders) go here and talk on the boards with us, or me .... depends on who signs up :) .. thx Click Here
  4. S

    Where i find ....

    Where can I downloadind 3d max studio ??????