1. ZeroNightmare

    Fiber Optic Internet/TV

    Anyone else have it? My friend at work lives near Fairfield Iowa and they got a grant to hook up every single house with Fiber Optic internet. Hes got it and its like insanely, insanely fast. Next month they get fiber optic TV or something. He told me he downloaded an Aerosmith anthology in...
  2. Nuttzy

    verizon fiber optic internet,

    now im getting tired of my internet, its SUPPOSED to be high speed, as they (sprint) was advertising, but i think we only belioved that at the time cuz we were upgrading from 56k, playing games online i still experience lots of lag, even AFTER upgrading the speed im not sure of the exact...
  3. Rebirah


    I dont know if im suppost to post here.. but here goes Ok well I have a scanner and It pre scans, but when I slick scan it says like scan failed right when I click it Scanner: Plustek optic pro 600p OS: XP Home I have a really good drawing I wanna show yall but it wont scan :( Thank...