1. D

    Ooh! A sequel to F.E.A.R. you say?

    http://pc.ign.com/articles/690/690296p1.html Shabam! I'll be waiting.
  2. DragonDude

    Ooh, Perty Colors...

    http://www.zefrank.com/dtoy_vs_byokal/ Make your own kaleidoscope!
  3. G

    ooh :O french BK3 vids

  4. S

    lost models....

    um whatever happened to that bad @$$ ssj2 gohan model that bile made? and what ever happened to that awesome lookin android 18 model that s-bolt made? Just some questions that i was hopeing could be answered! if u have questions about a lost model, feel free to post!
  5. T

    My first poly by poly model

    i had a good ref pic to help me out. this is my first poly by poly tell me whatcha think this will be gotenks body and im also redoing it to make it for kid buu its not done its about 80 percent complete http://pluto.imagemagician.com/images/soccer28jp/body2.jpg
  6. E


    <center> </center> its not based on any part of the show so dont ask about the clothing. what yous think of it ?
  7. D

    i need alittle help with skinning

    okay my model is finished and i vant to skin it but how do i do i dont even know wich program i should use for skinning
  8. M

    My favorite DBZ PICS!!!

    These are my aLL tIme Favorite DBZ piCS... Plz feel free to put your favorite dbz pics!!!
  9. E

    Trunks and Vash!

    Well, I have a couple more drawings for you guys to drool over. And without further adieu, Trunks and Vash! First, here is Trunks looking like he just had the bejesus scared out of him. And here is Vash the Stampede. A.K.A. the Humanoid Typhoon. I hope you like it, Hibiki...:D...
  10. greentaco

    A little bit 'o art...

    Here are some images I made a while ago when I was bored. Crit or anything would be cool. Prospecting Future: Stand Out: -Peace- Noah