1. EliteMarine

    DBZ Sparking Omega

    I heard of a new DBZ game called DBZ Sparking Omega, it is said to have the largest collection of characters throughout the Sparking series. It also said it would be released some time this winter for PS3/Xbox 360. We should expect an official update soon. :D
  2. DBZ master

    who know how to get Omega shenron In budikai3

    Ive been playing Budikai3 fora while now does any one know how to unlock Omega Shenron
  3. C

    Omega Shenron

    I don't know if this is real or not, but this looks cool
  4. T

    Omega leaves on

    hi all. I was looking at an episode and i maid omega like he should be. :laff:
  5. Gogeta91

    Omega Shenron soundpack in american

    i made it an american omega shenron soundpack sure the only things ive made are this annd a jap kooler soundpack but this is pretty good so i cant upload it f***in 36.6 modem so ill send it to someone via MSN messenger and they can upload it to a site so just plse give the credits to me. my msn...
  6. K

    request for a model of Omega Shenron

    Could someone make a model of Omega Shenron because I suck at making models and there is a model out there that is his first stage of transformation going as the name "kreshi shenron" at Omega shenron It is the second transformation of Sin Shenron "kreshi shenron" when he absorbes...
  7. D


    god damn......i went into the Omega Ruins...and got BEAT DOWN! do u have to like....MAX OUT all the Legendary Weapons or some BS?