1. E

    Offering cheap fast servers.

    I am not sure if this is the right place to post this. If it isn't please move it to where it is sposed to go. I am a fledgling Game Hosting company. I would like to offer the ESF/EVM community cheap hosting solutions for their games. I am much less expensive then most other hosting companies...
  2. G

    Microsoft Offering To Buy Nintendo!!!!!

    Oppinated: If Microsoft buys nintendo than its over for sony lol
  3. T

    Offering a download server.

    Sorry I already mentioned this in another thread. I thought it would get over looked by the ESF team, so I decided to start a new thread. I currently have 5 gigs of web space, with a pretty good download rate. I am not sure of the exact download rate, but I think it is very good. I wouldn't...
  4. OubliezJe

    Need a picture?

    If youneed apicture leave your info aim ore-mail. and i dontmean signature, i MEAN A PICTURE lol. crap i posted in the wrong one can someone move this to artwork?
  5. J

    Dedicated Server and Mirror offering

    Great Job, ESF-Team ! Finally, the beta is going to be released. I'm playing ESF since Alpha 1.5 came out and i want to support you by offering a mirror with a total bandwith of 110 mbit located in austria. If the beta is really stable enough, i will also host one or more dedicated...
  6. GundamSeph

    Few songs i'm offering

    Hey, i know theres already this huge ass thread about the ESF music, yet thats the problem, its to big and no ones gonna check it really.. Anyways heres a few songs i uploaded to my site earlier. Just...
  7. K

    New BG maker

    I've been foolin around and have started making backgrounds for people and I am now offering my services. Please do not just ask for one for the heck of it. Only if you are TRULY interested in trying to make your own sig. I will make sigs but I don't have a lot of time. Here are a few samlpes...