1. SaiyanPrideXIX

    A complex graphical oddity on a dual core machine...

    Okay I'll try to be brief here, brief as I can anyway. One of my best buds got a new machine. Here's the specs: Athlon AMD 3800 dual core processor 1 gig corsair ram ASUS nforce4 moboMachine has all it needs to shine, but my friend seems cursed to problems. First, his old computer was 100%...
  2. Bandock

    Oddity in a Normal Half-Life Level

    Heres an oddity I found in C4A1 map if no one has found it yet (some might have already). I remember ppl talking in the old ESF forums (I did not post since then) about loading certain normal half-life levels in Earth Special Forces a few years ago (might've been back in around 2002/2003)...
  3. GMan

    An oddity

    http://www.surfingtheapocalypse.com/haunted_painting.html See for yourself. Freaky, if you ask me.