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    Obscure Film Recommendation Thread

    I'm good at making list threads, here is another. Make film recommendations here. Please nothing huge and mainstream everyone has heard of (ie Spiderman, etc). I'll start. Dead Alive. Peter Jackson's early work. It has unintentionally? funny scenes of crazy gore. The dialogue is okay, but the...
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    obscure idea I just had

    Now that I am thinking about it, it would probably be impossible without coding (I know nothing about coding)....but heres my idea for a fusion: There could be a single model comprised of both trunks and goten (so you control them both on the screen at the same time). Their moves could all...
  3. C

    Redundant: .MDL compiling

    HOW?!!?!?!? HOW?!!?!?!? WHERE'S THE MAGIC PILL TO COMPILE .MDL FILES?!?!?! WHERE'S THE SECRET CODE, THE EXE, THE OBSCURE RUMOR, THE BACKWATER SITE WITH THE ANSWER?!?!?! <table style=filter:glow(color=blue, strength=#+1)>...
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