1. gerald324

    Is The 1.3 Final Lag In NVIDIA GeForce 6150se nForce 430?

    Hi Guys I Just Wanna Know...... I Just Wondering If This Is Smooth Gameplay In My VideoCard? 63mb VideoCard ;)
  2. EvolutionX

    nVidia Drivers

    Hi guys. I want to install the latest Drivers from nVidia... so when i download the driver, first i need to remove the installed one, or to just install to the another one? Thanks in forward ;)
  3. M

    Nvidia GeForce 3D Vision Glasses

    Source: http://www.shacknews.com/onearticle.x/56681
  4. Jakut

    NVIDIA GeForce Go 7300SE, 128 MB GDDR2 VRAM-m?lu +something about 128 MB TurboCache

    What's the best game this piece of poo will run? Is it even good?
  5. |Overlord|

    Suprise! Nvidia to launch 512mb GTX

    http://www.theinquirer.net/?article=27225 No-one is surprised, surely. Will be interesting to see if it levels up the high-resolution & high AA/AF performance between the 7800GTX and the X1800... According to other sources, the core clock will be at 550 & memory clock will run at 1.7ghz...
  6. Sicron

    Difference in HL2 with ati or nvidia

    Well, recently I upgraded my PC to a Dual Core and instead of having a 9800xt(ati), I now have a 7800gt(nvidia), so I tought, lets try out Half Life 2 now With my old 9800xt I could run Half Life 2 highest settings with ease, average 60 fps, even 6 times antialiasing worked so I had no jagged...
  7. CM

    Countdown to nVidia's G70!

    06 DAYS nVidia's new GPU(s), the GeForce 7800 (also having GT and GTX variations) are coming soon. Countdown can be found here: http://www.gainward.de/new/main.html Discuss!
  8. I

    Steam Error Occuring with new Nvidia Drivers.

    This is bug'n the heck out of me. After a few seconds in a server, i get this message with and steam mod. 1980 0035 svc_deltapacketentities 1984 0008 svc_time 1984 0013 svc_clientdata 1984 0035 svc_deltapacketentities 1988 0008 svc_time 1988 0013 svc_clientdata 1988 0035...
  9. N

    nvidia sig's ^_^

    witch one is better. this one: or this one:
  10. |Overlord|

    ati or nvidia

    which one do u like better i myself like ati , but some of the manafactures cards are crap (take a look at the radeon 9600xt extreme released by geacube) i had it , then got rid of it , lost it's stableness for maintaing good fpz in esf and a couple of other games , but now using fx5200 ...
  11. E

    ATI "n" nVIDIA?

    yeah i am looking forward to the release of there new cards so i can get a radeon 9800XT 256 cheap but does anyone know when they are ACTUALY going to be released......... i have heard and seen so many dates....here r a few 21 and 24 of april... september sometime. 2 months from now ...
  12. F

    For NVidia users with crashing problems

    If you're experiencing any kind of in-game crash in esf, and if you own an NVidia card, go to www.guru3d.com and download the 38.02 drivers from their archives; these are official drivers and they are WHQL certified, and they are the last driver release that was completely bug free. i did this...