1. frsrblch

    Organic modelling with NURBS

    Does anybody know if this is possible? I use Rhink and it is primarily a NURBS porgram. I know it is better for inorganic stuff, but what about organic? All the models I have seen are meshes, and I know ESF uses meshes. Has anyone here tried to make people with NURBS?
  2. SSJ4boneVegeta

    Help, I want to map using 3ds max

    I know about WC and Autocad and that there are other programs out there equiped to build maps, But i want to build one using 3d studio max. Does anyone know of any tuts i could find somewhere or have the knowledge them selfs to help me out.
  3. xstortionist

    New model for a mod I am making.

    check it out. Its going to be a race car mod. its going to be kinda futuristic.