1. ESFfanBoilol

    rawr help me the nub xD

    umm hello i hope you can help me >< i finaly got hl1 so i can play ESF!!!!!! xD lol but each time i add bot to i can practices so i can pwnd one day it comes up with this: and also my shooty thing so i can aim doesnt come up aswell :cry: so i fail even more... oh and one last thing...
  2. R

    Sorry for Nub question

    I couldn't find anywhere how to summon shenron. I know you have to collect all 7, I have done that but cannot figure out what I am doing wrong.
  3. A

    New nub sig

    Basicly a first try on actuall brushing, c&c?
  4. Trunks-ssj25

    I'm Kinda Nub How do I put in a picture next to my name?

    Do I have to say it again? :warning: :warning: :warning: :warning:
  5. M

    ok i have a nub question

    ok..... im sorry for the nubish question but i really wanna know how to make cool siggys so.. if anyone could post it out here im sure ppl will be happy since im probably not the only one... :( thx guys
  6. Twilight

    ssj3 Vegeta

    Could anyone get a bunch of images of Vegeta, ssj3 gotenks, and ssj3 goku and then just mesh/doctor up the image to make a near exact pic of what ssj3 Vegeta would look like? I know it could be done, but I just cant do it myself
  7. H

    So i'm a nub

    How do you do the special moves?