1. K

    Notepad problem

    I post it here, hope it's the right place... I have two computers, the main one and a notepad. Now, when i make a lan game between these two computers to play ESF with my friends, the notepad (a pentium 4, 256 ram, 64mb video card), after 20 - 30 minutes of game simply turns off... i think...
  2. P

    Comments on my site layout plz

    Ok, a couple of things I want you to keep in mind before making comments: -I wanted this site to be fast loadable for everyone (56k users too). -Wanted to keep the site to the point not only about the layout but also for the info itself. The link to the site is 56k...
  3. Morrone

    Transformation Pack Version 2 Released! A Different kind of sound.

    Well during the making of Transformation Sound Pack version 1 I came across a link someone had posted on these forums that led to a website in which all of Bruce Faulconer's music was availabe. Instead of taking a leaf out of Bruce's book I went ahead and snagged the whole tree. This...
  4. X

    Cannot read the bots on notepad!

    When i try to open the file in wordpad all these symbols come up instead of words. I have 2 comps and they r networked, it only seems to work on my old one... If you have a program that will work plz tell me PS 4 ppl i know have this problem
  5. Priden

    In notepad??

    I see the liblist.gam file but how do i edit it in notepad?
  6. Naz

    NEWB Question

    Ready for flames, but, well, I hope ú all can help me, Where can I dld a good sigmaking- layout making program so I can begin making sigs, I just wanna try it out, c what I can do. So if somebody can help me plz??