1. Damaera

    North Korea attacks South Korea

    I think the world would be better off if we either destroyed North Korea, or managed to completely block it from every other country on the planet.
  2. Mkilbride

    School Shooter: North American Tour 2012(Mod) Oh man, the is palpable.
  3. M

    Hokuto Musou (Fist of the North Star) Announced

    Source: Teaser: <div style="width: 480px;"><object classid="clsid:d27cdb6e-ae6d-11cf-96b8-444553540000" codebase=",0,0,0" id="gtembed" width="480" height="392"> <param...
  4. Synth

    RF Online North American & European Game Servers To Close

    I'll miss the best MMO race ever... Accretians.
  5. M

    Fist of the North Star

    Did anybody ever see the show fist of the north star? I heard it is supposed to be like DBZ. If you have any info about this show please reply.
  6. Ravendust

    Family Guy S4: North by North Quahog *Spoilers*

    It's back! I'm really glad they didn't screw it up (well, on the first episode anyway) as the whole thing is packed with jokes including some nice set pieces too. Anyone else seen it?
  7. Z

    The Fist Of The North Star Fighting Game

    I know that using the first post for spam it's not nice, but i have to tell you a great news! Finally it is released the beta for Winmugen of Hokuto No Ken Mugen Project, the fighting game based on the manga "The Fist Of The North Star". Finally everyone that couldn't play it before cause...
  8. I

    fist of the north star

    i was watching an episode of fist of the north star last night for the first time on tv... this anime looks ****ing crazy, its like berserk but these guys are crazy with the pressure points and stuff its martial arts guy that looks like bruce lee vs a bunch of crazy monsters and lots of blood...
  9. Rebirah

    American Troops Land on North Korea'

    A screenshot was taken of today bearing the headline 'American Troops Land on North Korea' -- This headline was almost immediately removed but can be seen here. We have reason to believe the government forced CNN and other news agencies to...
  10. grOOvy

    grOOvy's Tournament: North America

    grOOvy's Tournament: North America Number of players in tournament: 20 Server Location: USA, East Coast Characters allowed: Goku and Vegeta only [to make it fair, no cribbing] How will the tournament work: 1on1's, tree structure - 1 gets eliminated after each round. Whoever reaches 10...