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    nooby 3dsmax problem :(

    >_< im not that great with this program lol here's the problem - when i right click in a viewport normally it comes up with a "tools 2" section which i use frequently while modeling, thing is, in this one file im working on it just disappeared... i dunno how or why, it just decided to not...
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    Nooby needs some answers s(^_0)b

    First of all im so @#*@#($ happy i found this game. whod a thunk the best dbz game out there would be a mod lol. anywho i was just wondering how much power lvl plays a role. and along with that when swooping with right click down against someone i seem to lose even though we are both hitting...
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    nooby question

    is ESF playable on CZ insted of HL and how i do it? pls answer me
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    damn i feel nooby plz help

    hey all you gamers out there i still got some issues ok here we go 1) when loading any sdbz maps i get sdbzwad.wad is missing where can i download it from i cannot find a site for it 2) when trying to play eea(evm) i need guru.wad lolz could someone tell me what are wads and where do iget...

    USSJ Trunks model

    This USSJ Trunks model is for Savior of Strenght. If somebody can make it for ESF, it would be really cool. Please post if there is already a GOOD one or if somebody can make it. Damn good. If someone could make this too it would be perfect.