1. W

    Retarded old noobs

    I found something veeeery funny ... atm i can't stop laughing and i wanna share with you this video , that was made by Andreyesf watch and have fun.
  2. A

    MSN noobs :O

    Well, out of nowhere this *** just msns me and tries to send me a virus I'm like LOL. My friends might track his ip/address down and ddos him :O ATM I'm trying to get him tracked down with his address/phone number and sign him up for some random **** :O I removed the email addy. Don't post...
  3. Goten-son

    Found something that might help noobs and pro's this has just been started, it seems like a pretty promising site (not mine btw) but it has a pretty good texture tutorial to help noobs start out if they wanna know how to make textures. it also says it wille have textures coming soon, i found it...
  4. ssjFajita

    How to Avoid Noobs

    My girlfriend showed this to me on her forums ENJOY :laff: A. INTRO I. What is this? II. Defining 'Noob' B. COMMON NOOB CHARACTERISTICS I. Noobish II. Where to find noobs III. Behavior of noobs IV. Noob religion V. More about noob habitats C. AVOIDING NOOBS...
  5. Majin Pool

    People that are calling people noobs.

    Okay, this is not to offend anyone, and not to hurt someones feeling. I see allot of people on this site, saying that they are being beaten by noobs. And then they blame the creators of esf, that they are beaten becouse the gameplay sucks. I just don't get it, why just don't accept it that...
  6. A

    Steam Guide For Noobs [How to get ESF to Work]

    Its Very Easey !!! - First get steam. - After instalation u start steam . - Now start half life [Steam Version] And quit it after u have started it. (This wil create the Half life folder in steam witch we need for ESF.) - Now shut down steam. - Then run the ESF instaler [The one i...
  7. C


    can somebody help me i downloaded milkshape 3d and i dont get how to make a model can somebody plz help me?
  8. Majin_You

    Notice - WonID's

    Derived from the Devil Information Thread is the following list of WonID's. Please add them to your autoexec.cfg file to ban the WonID's that Devil and/or other crashers have been known to use. ------------------------------------------------- Name(s) Associated with Server Crashers (Past...
  9. M

    My First Background with Photoshop

    Well i was screwing with the FILTER contol the other day and learned a quit big part of PS 7.0 and when i was done i fixed up this Give Critz
  10. Nuttzy

    image hosting

    i see this becoming an issue, and several people assume that the person posted the image wrong, that is far from the case, the mods may deem this off topic but i think its something that anyone here without an image host could use since the mods claim now that an image is required...
  11. Mr.Bugskin

    Rules for noobs

    Ok i put his here cuz i dunno where it goes so here r rules for the model/ skins section 1.Do not pm the skinner or the modeler for the model u want. 2.Don't make anythreads that u want the models from skinners and modelers. 3.Don't Freaking Whin if they don't release their models or skins...
  12. L

    gohan from histroy of trunks movie

    i was wondering if anyone would be willing to make a model of gohan from the dbz movie "history of trunks".... he looks like adult gohan in the buu saga, but he gets his arm shoot off by androids 17 and 18... if you can just get the adult gohan model and give give a lot of battle damage and...
  13. A

    thank u all

    thank u all the noobs that harrased azn and made him cancle his pack , thank u all i was waiting for it more then anything else , but thank you all , no really , im really greatfull for this oh and where can i get a good ssj3 skin ?
  14. G


    no more bd pack :-( damn it never mind i was lookin forward 2 it, i had been reading forums for 3 weeks but thought i wud register ne way shame AZN oh well ur choice
  15. SierraSonic

    Noobs! Gah!

    Arn't you getting tired of noobs calling other noobs noobs?
  16. Synth

    Melee Tip for you Noobs :)

    I played the beta from 11:50 to 7 am (seriously) I even got a shot at PcJoe. He is very good like you all said ( not really :) ) but back to topic. This thread is just in case your having trouble with the melee combination. How to use melee: Step 1: LOCK ON! Aim your cross hair at an...
  17. NightShade

    Noobs of the day

    Redemption and sojin Folks i went to 4 severs. 3 of them i was called a hacker and the 4th one i was kicked because i use a script?? Come on folks is it really that much to get a good game in? Anyway As far as i know there is no hacks or scripts or whatever to help in esf. It is pure...
  18. Z

    Noobs Wanted

    Attention all noobs the BSF clan is searching for new members. If youre a noob and wanna train with the best so we can get to the top then mail me at : *************** or add me to your MSN list!!!
  19. S

    why i can not find the ...

    i make a map but i can not find the map in esf
  20. Hibiki

    All Noobs read this first!

    this post is to answer all the noob questions....... Q) How do i make game servers show up? A) Use the esforces tab in the drop box that is in filter menu.. I it esforces not esf. Q) How do i gain pl? A) The only way to gain pl is to kill people. Now you cant save your pl so live...