1. R

    Another noob asks for help

    Hello there! I played this awesome game when i was a teenager, and i start again 2 days ago. The game is really good, but i really can't find how to transform... I have trunks, i reached 1 000 000 points, and i press all the buttons on my azerty keyboard, like a, z, w, and all the symbols...
  2. Hawkman

    A noob ask for help

    Hi, i m new here. I know about the esf project long time ago but yesterday I bought Half life 1. So i have some problems. 1) When i m trying to join a server with a frozen arena(or something like that) map the game crashes and it gives me a fatal error: namek.wad cant open 2)I...
  3. M

    Incredibly noob question

    Hello there. Can someone tell me how to add new models to ecx rc2? like the ones found in the ULTIMATE ADDON (or somthing cant think of name atm) sticky? i have the AF pack from there and was wondering how to install it :)
  4. Chris the Ninjer

    Im a noob, yet to download the whut do I do?

    Obviously I know how to download the mod, I'm just at a friend's house at the moment So what I wanted to know was; > How does this game play? > Are the Specifications the same as those for the original Half Life? > Upon entering the game, what do I do first? > Do I need Half Life...
  5. T

    Noob to ESF, Need server help Please

    I have steam version and every time I try and pick a server it's either password protected or only members from a random slew of numbers and letters can play. Not to mention only about 3 servers pop up. Gotta be more people playing, I know that. Any recommendations or help on creating a server...
  6. The Deco

    Laptop noob, am you?

    Yes I am. Anyhow I just got my mom's new laptop, but I never had a laptop so im not touching it until I know what im doing. First of, what do I do with the battery, should I empty the battery then recharge it during the night, or maybe 6 hours? The battery bugs me most. As well as...
  7. Synth

    Will ESF ever be noob friendly again?

    The more I compare 1.2.3 to 1.3 Open Beta... the more I miss the 1.0-1.1 days. When the were more than 20/40 player servers and they were in a constant flux of players. You can't blame this on the next-gen of PC and console games, because another HL1 mod (Counter-Strike) is still going strong...
  8. X

    help me with the game (noob question)

    What will I do if this shows up? If someone grabs me and the red & blue bars shows up what will I do?
  9. J

    NOOB here agian

    hey all as i stated before im a noob just got this yestarday havent got it working due to some error that i will fix lator but were can i get transformation packs charachter can i make my own figther ??? i would love some help what this game includes straight from the downloade MANY THANKS
  10. J

    NOOB i need some help guys

    ok i got HALF LIFE and its all installed played it for a bit bla bla bla i just installed the latest esf 1.2.3 is there anything els i need to install ??? my error message im getting once i lets say try anything once im in th main menu i think it says something like could not find library dll...
  11. meliscool123

    noob quest

    hello, can some1 tell me how to set a avatar by my name:confused:
  12. The Deco

    Noob cook, wanna know some new dishes

    OK I started cooking on a basic noob level (schnitzels, omelets, trying rice) Ok, im requesting from you guys some nice, tasty recipes and basic to make for now. I wanna try new food. If you know whats not kosher and what is please give only Kosher stuff. And im usually going on the Meat +...
  13. S

    general noob question

    I know this question is really noobish question to ask, but i can't find the answer any where. The question is how do transform when just by yourself. I've seen this done in youtube videos and i would like to know because I wanted to put up some of my own videos for viewers to see. Sorry for the...
  14. D

    Hi, New Big Noob Need Help

    I Downloaded Steam, But I Never Knew That You Would Need FULL Half Life, Which I Don't Have.....Sorry 4 Asking But, Is They A Hack Or Key I Can Have 2 Get Half Life? I Am A Big DB Fan And Really Want To Play This? Please Help:cry:
  15. Viper

    3DSMAX noob question :)

    Let's say that i'm making a model. I use different objects for the hands torso and legs, but i have absolutely no idea about how to make them into one group in order for me to bind them togeter. So i need to know how to do it...
  16. Zabuza2k


    Jeah guys i know its not good but im a new modeler :D
  17. A

    a noob question not directly related to ESF

    it could be that this is in one of the sticky things at the top but damnit i cant find it what do u use to make a model??? i wana make a admin model of majin vegeta for counter strike:source but i havent got a clue wth im supose to use to make it : /
  18. P

    real noob!

    mm its hard to ask cuz is so dum! if i will install esf in hl2 it will work?
  19. Suh Dude

    Help the Deviantart noob...

    One day I decieded to go on Deviantart to get a wallpaper since I've been using this one forever. I noticed that they had a new layout but I have no clue where the wallpaper section is at. Did they remove it? :scared:
  20. E

    noob question

    hey....i have a question noob... first i need to instale the HALF LIFE 1, after the steam and download form steam the half life files to play ESF? because in the topic "how to instal ESF" it seens that i DONT instal half life, i DOWNLOAD IT from steam!! can someone help me?