1. Chakra-X

    Best Non-SSJ Transformation in DBZ

    While working on a movie, I was stumped on how a certain attack would play out...But then while playing Budokai 3, I noticed and remembered how cool the kaioken attack acted, so I adapted this form. So, the point of this poll is what your favorite (kind of))Transformation in Dragonball Z? I...
  2. G

    vegeta nonssj ssj majin

    heres a vegeta model ive been working on for a bit credits to turk for hair. critz?
  3. X

    Yellow attack as non-ssj???

    Yep its really intresting. I was non-ssj with the ability to go ssj. I had my melee option selected i hit z to trans. I decided to beam jump to a safe place so while i was transforming i switched to generic beam. I then descended never going ssj and to my surprise i beam jumped with yellow attack!