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    Hey any1 noe this music?

    I was watching the Jarhead trailer when i was in theathers i was wondering wut is the title for the song heres the trailer i'm talking about the song at 1:10 so can any1 help me out? EDIT: i found the music so some1 close this thread
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    does no anyone noe when esf 1.3 is coming out?

    i would like to noe when 1.3 is coming out so if anyone has any info then post it here
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    help: pic

    i need a pic from the namekian spaceship for my first map so if anyone has a pic post it here plz :talk:
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    Any one noe where i can upload and image?

    i made a model but have no where 2 put it any ideas where to upload i to?
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