1. V

    ?? where 2 get nimbus cloud thing

    hey does any 1 no where 2 get the nimbus cloud thing 4 goku it will b great if u do thx :)
  2. S

    Nimbus soundpack

    does anyone know where i can get a nimbus soundpack... cause i made a Nimbus for the esf goku model. :)
  3. S

    Flying Nimbus, Swoop Teleport, Swoop Blast and others

    I have tons of movement suggestions on my mind that I would like to have in ESF. I'll list them for you: 1 Swoop teleport- When you are swooping at an enemy with melee, you should be able to teleport. An advantage of having this is to avoid beams and close in on your target faster. 2 Swoop...
  4. TehMuffinMan

    Final inform about db goku

    yes guys, this will be it now... this model\/ i had made it just for you guys, somthing so you can laugh about.. but today, you really screwed that up.. i previously made a thread about this model, i finished the model, animations, skin, everything and was just about to send it spin when...
  5. fatmanterror

    SSJ3 Goku WIP

    hey here is my ssj3 goku, the skin is only a temp, my friend is gonna try to skin it, if it turns out well ill show the finished product when its done, here ya go everybody, i know it looks a lil screwy but remember, to make a really good ssj3, it would take waaaaaaaaaaaayyyyy to many polies in...
  6. S


    is there any way the cloud nimbus could play a role in esf?
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