1. Naz

    Nessaja Creations.

    For anyone that might still remember me... Here is, pretty much everything I have done in the past 2 ears since I retired. I find myself playing ESF a lot with friends lately, so I slowly crawled back in the forum checking it again. Not a lot has changed, really, not a lot at all...
  2. Naz

    Nessaja's Indy Art

    [Indy] Endurance I'm not done with it, yet, anyone got some suggestions for it + crits? grtz Naz
  3. Naz

    Pros- Nessaja Creations

    Forgotten Cassius Gateway Yahel Enlightment source In chronological order so last one is most likely best \o/ comments appreciated :) grtz Naz
  4. Ryoko

    Deviant ART and your accounts.

    Well, heres mine. I thought the people here who have such accounts could post them. I'll check you out and may even comment ^^
  5. Naz

    a new sig, anyone likes it?

    hiya I made a new sig, and I'm pretty proud of it, it's not perfected yet, but it's only the first version so... any c&c, complaints, additions, suggestions, are very welcome cyaz Nes