1. Enix

    Going into High School, nerves as ****.

    Ummm...yea. Im going into high school and im so ****ing nerves. I have social anxiety really bad, which is going to make this experience even more fun :( . Any tips for getting through the day? I start very soon and im so scared im going to make an ass out of my self the first day.
  2. N

    something to work away the nerves

    tommorow i'm going to my best friend, itwill be the second time i see him, i speak alot with him over fone and msn, but now the nerves are killing me! someone help!
  3. K

    ESF beta 1.2 is working on my nerves!

    Tell me if i did anything wrong 1. downloaded the full install of ESF 1.2 2. uninstalled 1.1 3. installed FULL esf 1.2 4. copied some new maps in the map section + overview section 5. started playing with some bots in ESF_G_training 6. everything worked fine... untill i started trying...
  4. X

    Some hl mods getting on my nerves

    I tried to install action half-life and svencoop but after each thing it says that my keyboard is not compatible with my pc plz run windows setup again but te wierd thing is this keyboard came with the pc oh and on action half-life when i tried to play a lan it would say the the...
  5. Escobar

    My First Web Attempt

    Like the title says... its still WIP (specially tha main banner) , im also thinking of getting rid of dose affects on d side's but tell me wot joo fink...
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