1. Viper

    Happy birthday NeLo!!!

    I just wanted to wish a happy birthday for our veteran NeLo. Yes! It's about his age.
  2. Amayirot Akago

    NeLo, I challenge you!!!!

    I challenge NeLo to a battle in Fight Club! Have you got the guts to face me?
  3. NeLo

    NeLo's New Sig

    Well guys i created a sig that i really like and i think this will be my new sig. I wanna know what you guys think. So here it is. Edit: Well i decided to have it as me sig. So here i am *breaks into song* ON THE ROAD AGAIN! HERE I AM, UP ON THE STAGE! HERE I GOOOO.....o sry heh :p
  4. Vegeta

    NeLo's first sig.

    Well NeLo wanted me to post this for him because he was tired :/ hehe. He also thinks because I helped him make his first sig, that i should post about it soo.. here it is: I helped him get into the utilites of photoshop, and make something different. That is his first sig I think, or...
  5. NeLo

    NeLo's Art #2

    Hey guys sry for making another thread on this but my other thread is basiaclly dead PLUS if i posted it would be considered double post due to that i had posted the last of my thread. Anyway i tried editin it BUT it wouldnt show. Anyway, this is art that i had done in the 7th Grade. O_O wow huh...
  6. NeLo

    NeLo's Art

    Well i found out how to scan my shiz. So im happy. Anyway i had to trace my work due to the paper that i originally drawn it on was too huge.(11 x 14 inches) That made me mad so i had to trace it and then scan it. :S So here it is. Btw it is not as good as the original. This was a like a 5 mins...
  7. E

    can someone make ssj4gohan ?? plz

    i need gohan ssj4 :D becaus im collecting last transforms Thats Why Eminem Gonna Kill Ya !! [/COLOR]
  8. G

    Perfect cell

    Ive heard theres a perfect cell out? But i cant find it! post it here:yes:
  9. NeLo

    NeLo Is Taking It Down A Notch!!

    ...Read the topic..:yes: :D Ill be more adult like guys. im sry for all the flame etc..:( so imma act better ok!?
  10. NeLo

    SSJ6 Goku

    Logan if ya could make a SSJ 6 Goku. The pic is in the one u set up for us when u made the ssj5 goku. Cuz id really think that would look awsome with my 10x Kamehameha! So if ya would create this model for meh plz :D Btw if Logan cant do it...