1. F

    neede some help...

    hi ppl im new here and i just wanted 2 ask u using the NON STEAM version of HL1 and ESF 1.1....i downloaded 1.3 and i have some bots activated but i cant create a server 2 i wanted 2 ask u can i play ESF 1.3 onlien by using NON STEAM version?
  2. Mystacx

    Clan Mapper needed

    Ok we just started a clan (its the $$|NL G||$$ clan) and we need a clan mapper: We are searching for a mapper that is dutch and want to join the clan and make maps that are only for this clan ($$|NL G||$$). Plz no spam Peace, Mystic
  3. Logan4434


    ok ive decided to keep modeling since i apperently have fans(god knows how)anyway im making Hiei from Yu yu hakusho and need FULL BODY pics.i have plenty of face pics but almost none of his legs and lower torso.
  4. S

    modeller needed

    Can someone make me this model i found it on a site and I think it is pretty cool.
  5. E

    Gundam Wallpaper redone

    I wasnt happy with the last ones typography so I re did it, and added a few more touch ups.
  6. Y

    DakD isn't this your Ssj3 goku?

    hey DakD i think some dude stole your goku ssj3
  7. Wuying Ren

    Milkshape help needed

    If I try to compile my -qc file this appears: ************ ERROR ************ \Eigene Dateien\Eigene Skins\ESF Skins\Trunks\model\/./reference.smd doesn't exist And if I try to export a smd this appears: Found group with no material! Model not exported! And if I use this one quake tool...
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