1. A

    Fear The Mod Pui Pui Pic

  2. L

    Help on two things

    Alright, I need help from you guys. First, whenever I play ESF, my camera in 3rd person view is always to the side, and I cannot see anything unless I put it in first person. (Which isn't much fun) The second one, I need a Sig! Please help me whomever does this, I only know of one of you...
  3. E

    im bak and happy to c ya

    k im pretending that since the new forums came in im a copleate n00b and have never been here k, cool hello this mods pretty cool so when i was bored one day i decided to make a quick model for trunks head i made it from a simple head template i made recently so the whole model + skin is...
  4. B

    skin and model (son gohan and son gohan great sayanman))

    Sorry, i don´t difference betwen skin and model. said this i can say i have made the skins and the models of::: *vegeta gt, supervegeta gt, and vegeta ssj4 *trunk gt...
  5. NeOn LimiT

    Models to look at!

    Here is a site (by me) of models i been making. feel free to look around and find out more information on "more info". and tell me your getting better. I am starting to skin my models and they are turning out well . please visit>>> 3dsolids -NeoN :p
  6. OneWingedAngel

    Sig Test!

    uhh i made this sig today and i want your guyses oppinion on it (i know the writing sucks but i don't know how to make the writing kool looking) so post your response here:
  7. Akhkaru

    My SSJ Goku MDL

    Ok, I did the reskin, and I edited the model. I need to redo the bangs and spike them out, but otherwise, I thinks It's good for a first mdl.
  8. A

    Milkshape help

    i juss figured out how to use milkshape 3d and my trial expired SHIT sumone heeeeeeelp in ne way, gimme advice or sumthin i cant find one on kazaa or morpheus :(:(:(:(:(
  9. V

    Warez, cracks and hacks

    ANYONE who asks for any form of warez, crack or hack of ANY KIND will be banned from the forums, and possibly get their submask hard-coded into ESF as a BAN. In other words, you'd NEVER be able to play ESF again. Allowing ppl to ask for/exchange warez in our forums makes ALL of us reliable...
  10. Akhkaru


    Me decide to use PSP to Skin, And I believe It might go well, I know the basics to PSP, and some of the advanced. So, send me some of the files for me to get started, then I'll show ya'll