1. Optional

    Obama the Secret Nazi

    Several times in the past, I've heard people trying to explain why Obama is the new Hitler. And every single time, I can point out immensely faulty logic within the first 5 seconds of watching their flapping gums (I seriously tried to understand their frame of view). I don't even get why they...
  2. Tassadar

    Fall of Liberty, Nazi America

    Anyone else excited for this game? I love alternate timelines, this one sounds intense as hell. It's suppose to be an FPS. About damn time we get an FPS with some originality to it. I'm tired of all the damn WWII shooters. FPS seems to be either WW2 or sci-fi, or gtfo. This picture is...
  3. Cold Steel

    Happy birthday Forum grammar nazi !!!

    Happy birthday Sonic Boyster. Cakeh \o/