1. Deathshot

    Ghost Nappa!
  2. Nuttzy

    w00t Nappa, (yeah its an edit, stfu XD)

    Long story short, nappa has always been my favorite DB character. but my previous attempt at capturing his likeness was a bit "meh". I discovered that esf 1.3 would contain a recoome model, So i waited until the open beta to obtain it, and edited it into a nappa (with full permission granted...
  3. B

    Nappa WIP [crits plz]

    Been a while since ive posted a model, Mainly need proportion crits for this model altho aside from the line down the center of his chest if you see anything lemme know Pictures only 107 kb, but its a large resolution img, so ill just post a link...
  4. Mr. Phonso


    hi, my latest model for dbzhood, ill post a wireframe later when i get to reducing some polies
  5. Volosity

    DBS Nappa WIP

    The Leader of DBS wanted me to make a model to try to get in DBS and i asked if nappa was taken and he wasn't, so i started modeling this about 4 hours ago and managed to learn how to make the correctlips and animatable mouth here is my 1st update....
  6. A


    Since Majin Druu was anoying me on my thread and talking about nappa I'm suggesting it.
  7. Sorrow

    Work in Progress , Nappa .

    Yeah hi everyone . This is one model I am going to skin , I got 3 others to go . The dbz models I will do during the next few days are modelled by Turk and will be skinned by me . The models are old but anyways, here is the wip of my nappa :
  8. Tweek

    ..>TGW< Saiyan Saga Pak

    ..Ok a little wile ago Maistro (>TGW< Leader) asked me if i could make a Saiyan Saga Pak 4 him and os i got started :S. i havnt worked on it due 2 bein WAY 2 busy but i hav now started doin it again and came up with the idea not only 4 new Chars but New maps, Sprites, Sounds, GFX. In other word...
  9. dillinger smith

    Nappa model, Please...

    Now, I just want to start off by saying I am sorry if this has been suggested before, and I searched the forum for this and didn't find it (looked and used the search button). Now I was just wondering if any one has made or wants to make a nappa model... because I love nappa he is a true sayan...
  10. Jimesu_Evil

    Nappa! It's finally up for download!

    Finally, Spin updated RS and uploaded the model. Get it here!
  11. Jimesu_Evil

    Nappa Finished!

    Here's a Nappa model for everyone! I'll post the download link when it it up, but until then, here it is! One problem is the hands. They seem to, oh, you'll work it out.
  12. C


    i wanted too know if someone can make a nappa model:devgrin: i would love too see and have this modelO_O so if anyone can make this model i would luv it;D thx
  13. |Da|K|

    DaKiLLa Sig. thread

    ok guyz will u tell me wat one is better...... 1: 2: 3: 4: 5: 6: 7: 8:
  14. E

    Latest Models

    thougth id post my latest stuff around here, been forgeting all the time anyway, heres nappa, i forgot the legs armor, 1800 polys and theeen heres janemba! around 700 polys atm, i model my models at around 1500-1800 polys now, nearly all good engines support it, apart...
  15. T

    Nappa WIP

    well its a bunch of esf models and skins put together and so far im going on a hour probabbly will be done tommorw i might put a schouter on him and for his trans give him no amor,,, i dont take any pride in this cause its mostly all not mine... im just doing it for the fans and i love nappa...
  16. G

    skin thoughts

    i am starting to make skins and i have been pondering over wut skin to make, i mean all of the ones people want have been creted. should i do like a tien or yamcha?
  17. P

    request for nappa model

    he need to be like in the episdoe big muscels and angry i dont know anything in grafics and this things but the people that know can do it i trust you!!!!
  18. Abhorsen

    Help with milkshape

    hey i changed the hair on the gohan model made by ronald and i want to post a pic, but i dont know how to take a pic of it in milkshape. can someone help me
  19. A

    Desert training area.

    I think it was the Saiyan Saga... When piccolo was training Gohan to get ready for whoever was coming (sure it was vegeta and nappa) But it was like a desert area with lots of stone platforms and cliffs etc. just popped into me head.
  20. V3g3t@

    more bad guys

    i want more bad guys like Nappa or Saibaimen and the Ginyu Force and fusion characters like vegeto,gogeta greets:[email protected]