1. S


    i downloaded esf_cellarena_b3...and it says i need "namek.wad" i dont know where to get it...can someone help me
  2. I

    How do u instal namek.wad?

    hello. it wuz buggin me that i couldnt play sum maps cuz i didnt hav namek.wad, so i found a few places where i could download it. so i tried, but i couldnt open it, but i could save it, so i saved it in my esf folder, but i still cant play the maps. am i doin sumthin wrong?
  3. F

    If some1 can send me Namek.wad

    If some1 can send me Namek.wad so i can play so mpas give me a link or send it to [email protected]
  4. A

    People cant join my server because they cant d/l my namek.wad

    Is there a way i can let people download my namek.wad because people cant join my server because of it when i have the map on esf_cellarena_b3.bsp i think its called can someone tell me how i can let them download it please?
  5. K

    Namek.wad, Guru.wad

    Hey can some one give me a link that works to download those to missing files.. thanks in advance
  6. K


    Hey, i read in one of the forums the link given doesn't how can i get namek.wad and guru.wad?! thx in advance
  7. jakezz90


    HI. have any1 off u got the file "namek.wad"? i've been missing it for i while, i can't open certaind maps etc. If some1 off u got the file id be happy to have it.
  8. suppertime


    I got a ton of user maps and most of them need namek.wad, but of course, it doesn't exist, anybody know a map that has it? or where to get it? thanks in advance!
  9. T

    Those wanting namek.wad and Guru.wad

    Hi guys For those wanting the namek.wad and guru.wad files but don't want to download the earlier versions of ESF (Espeically those dial-up users), here they are: Namek.wad (3.81mb) and Guru.wad (854kb) AND NOW Client.dll(1.00mb) Right click on the one you want above and...
  10. G


    I need help please. The game is not working.. I need the namek.wad...
  11. Dokutayuu

    Now Namek.wad

    Thanks for Guru.wad but now I need Namek.wad
  12. R


    WTF i dl a map esf_cellareana_b3 and i try to make a game.....and it says cannot open namek.wad.......please tell me what to configure to make this work,or if their is anyway to fix it
  13. S

    namek.wad ?

    anything like this I want to have ! I mean the name is anything like this. I need it. If anybody could upload his namek.wad to let me (maybe others too) download it I would be very glad ! 1^^1
  14. Vashusa


    does any1 know where i can get the namek.wad file. i need it in order to run "TM Mountain". i think its by Optional