1. Dzamija

    How do Nameks eat?

    I was bored today and started thinking about DBZ, more specifically Nameks. I remembered how they only drink water and have no need to consume food. Then I put two and two together, their green skin + the lack of food consumption. Then it hit me. Nameks perform photosynthesis. Just like plants...
  2. S


    Hi. I have no idea how to make a map or what is possible in them, but what about some npc´s who stand around or run away from the evil guys. Like some nameks on the namekmaps or some guys in the budokai maps who stand around the ring... maybe muten roshi and the others :laff: Is that...
  3. K

    map suggestion

    can ne 1 make a nameks end map?u know when its all blowing up with lava and stuff
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