1. G

    The Beatles are dead and this is the nail on the coffin

  2. Brim

    Nail in the Coffin? Is it finally over?
  3. Gama

    Nail yobs who did this (Warning HORRIFING Images)

    This was in the paper today and man i can't really look at it there are so many sick ****s in this world By IAN HEPBURN Crime Writer HORRIFIED RSPCA chiefs were last night trying to track down the thugs who hanged this dalmatian pup from a tree. The six-month-old dog was found dangling from a...
  4. Rayna

    Ph34r teh nail bunneh

    PH34R IT!
  5. afrotyze

    Mystic afro

    ay everyone meet my MYSTIC AFRO that i designed.i started off with pencil and this is my first time to colour somthing electorincaly so tell me how i can improve. crits and comments plz. crits and comments
  6. P

    Piccolo's transformation

    Aight, I guess this might have already been mentioned, but I'm going to say this anyway. You know the weighted training clothes that he wears, right? You know that he permafuses with Kami to become a Super Namek, right? Well, I'm thinking that while he is in normal mode he should be wearing...
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