1. O

    mw_lionsgatebridge 1.2?? where are u??

    so he promised there would be carz n all but where can i get the map???
  2. TAz00

    Mw_LionsGateBridge FINAL!

    It has now got a full Vis compile, and optimised by Xp_Gageys optimiser. It also looks alot better than the first prerelease :) New light enity Proberties When Esf 1.2 is coming around i will release a version featureing cars on the roads, than will run u down if u stand in front of them...
  3. TAz00


    Right, So the Neo Clan has risen again, some might say... This is the first of Two maps om doing for them, it has some light troubles, they are fixed but i havnt compiled it.. This is supposed to be the Lions Gate Bridge in Canada, but somehow it turned out to be a future bridge map ^^...