1. KidMan

    My car mutha ****ing pizzowns!

    So me and a bunch of my friends had this bet on how much horsepower my car has. I said it had 120 brand new, 100 now that it is old. One said 100 brand new, 90 old, you guys get the picture. Well anyways we made a 5 buck betting pool that turned into 20 bucks for each person. I had 6 friends, so...
  2. S


    i get some *** error for da past 5 days ive came by irc no one was dere -.-" nice helpin irc u guyz got dere... da error i get is "Cannot continue without script events/ disconnecting" this is the only thing thats stopping me from playin and ive read the other posts as well it...
  3. V

    Elemental Fusion Animations - Veggeto

    You need DivX 5 to view them. Model + Skin = Neds...:laff: Run = Idle = Beam shoot = (slight clipping is being fixed atm)...