1. krzyhox

    Red musical group

    How many of you I welcome does know this team?? you know the link to the new album of listening to Songs this team
  2. Deathshot

    Street Fighter High: THE MUSICAL! Awesome.
  3. PiXel

    High School Musical

    Damn bros i just saw it over tv, i must say, i love this Musical. The Director was the same guy who made Dirty Dancing. I just love the storys, the characters, the choreography, as the mood overall. Maybe because i mainly love movies where people are dancing to funky music or even sing...
  4. S

    musical sigs

    lol okay so the topic is slightly miss leading but here's my idea. Every week i will post a few lines from my 'favourite song of the week'. Those who can name me the song, artist, and album it's on, will receive a free sig, or avatar. I know that sounds ****y but it's just kinda my fun way of...