1. Spunky

    Collateral Murder

    I don't even know how to describe my feelings about this. It makes me sick to my stomach that not only were these people not insurgents, but the crewmen who engaged them are still in service today. I'm very glad the children survived. Source...
  2. LaMM

    The New Incubus CD , a crow left to the murder

    He guys, me as a big fan of incubus and rock in general just got the new cd of Incubus, called A Crow Left To The Murder, the first single is also already on MTV called Megalomaniac in which comparisons are made betweenworld leaders like Bush to Hitler and more quite political stuff is put in. I...
  3. TimTheEnchantor

    A definition of art...?

    My definition of art is anything creative... Here's what I consider art: 1. stock fotos 2. photos 3. digital art(wallpaper, or anything digitally altered) 4. composites(sp?, drawings) 5. mosaics.. A good place to check out really good artists is: What's your...