1. -Origin

    HALP, msn troubles.

    Tried to log in, said a new version was available. Looked at the system specs and said for XP, 32 bits only. I run 64 bit.. does that mean I no longer have MSN? -.- Anyone around who can help me? EDIT: Forgot to mention it gives me an error when I try to install it.
  2. Grega

    Yay for people clicking MSN virus links

    OK guys here is a little heads up ^^ Seems like a couple of people that were once in this comunity (and just happen to be on my MSN list) got a bad case of a work using MSN links XD Basically watch out for anyone that spams you with links to pictures on a site that is kinda similar to...
  3. The Deco

    Adding msn messanger to steam friends?

    Can you add msn messanger contacts to steam friends contacts?
  4. Deverz

    MSN Worm

    Need some help I accidently clicked a link my mate sent without thinking now I have a worm, need to get rid of it as I use it all the time Link showed as http:// [insert email] Tried a google search only gave me old stuff
  5. kenny-DK

    MSN Messenger

    Am I the only one there are having problems with msn?
  6. majin uub

    wtf with msn?

    hmm all of a sudden none of my messages are being deliever, it keeps saying it failed to deliever to all participants, anyone know how to fix this??
  7. Optimus Prime

    MSN works on Wii

    So I hear, if you use a web-based client like e-messenger. NEAT-O GANG!
  8. Holmisen

    Help me plz in msn!!!!!

    plz i need help whit esf!!. i have hlfl anthology and i have actiehre the cd key but i cant install the esf you can help me on msn plz heeeeeeeeeellp Ps: my msn are [email protected]
  9. Mr. Phonso

    MSN prob Ok so here is my problem, when my msn is open it shows through other programs. Now I can simply close msn but I want to figure out what this is :s
  10. Skyrider

    Who Wants MSN Messenger 8?

    For those who want it, please leave your email here, or Prive Message me your email. I'll invite you, but please do remember. Give me the email you use to login at MSN, not a different kind of email. Because the invite will activate the email that i'm sending it to. (Honestly, i think this was...
  11. |Overlord|

    MSN messenger problems

    After many problems with 7.5 (no matter what build), I have decided to use a program such as trellian. However I here people talk about a program that is simlar to trellian and is better, except I can't remeber the name of the other program.
  12. |Overlord|

    MSN 7.5 connection problem

    has anyone else noticed a problem like this? I am currently using dial up & i'm not sure if this isue could be related to my isp or what not, but I see it run fine on other pcs. I enter my adress and pass, and then it whn i try to sign in it just comes up with some message sayying it can't...
  13. D

    New MSN Virus on the Loose

    >>Als iemand met het emailadres : [email protected] je >>wil >>toevoegen , ga hier dan niet op in. >>Dit is een zeer krachtig virus dat zich voortplant door al je >>contactpersonen toe te voegen en dan je computer formatteert !! >> >>Stuur deze mail aub door , zodat je andere...
  14. Amayirot Akago

    MSN Messenger troubles!

    I'm having an odd and very annoying problem with MSN Messenger. When I try to login with my usual Hotmail address and password, it immediately gives an error that the login failed. The password I entered is also for some reason changed into something with 8 symbols when I login. I have already...
  15. A

    MSN noobs :O

    Well, out of nowhere this *** just msns me and tries to send me a virus I'm like LOL. My friends might track his ip/address down and ddos him :O ATM I'm trying to get him tracked down with his address/phone number and sign him up for some random **** :O I removed the email addy. Don't post...
  16. broli

    mygot hacked my msn!

    Well apparently some people over at *Link Removed* think it's funny to delete people's entire msn list. Don’t know how they managed to do it but I assume they used some key logger or so. Anyways this is some really ****ing annoying behaviour. For the matter I care they may get in my msn, I...
  17. |Overlord|

    MSN 7.0 Nudge Wars ><

    it seems that's all people do now , i just had a 7player nudge war (to an extent , every1 was nudge spamming 0_o) and plus nearly every1 on my msn list just wants to nudge teh crap outta me & or every1 else on their list if i could nudge you hear and now , i would :p
  18. Taurus 2112

    MSN messenger problems... I am having this problem with messenger to where everyone sees me as offline even though I am online and talking to them. Any idea what is causing this or how it can be fixed? Please help.
  19. Taurus 2112


    Ok I just recently unstalled msn plus...because my dumb **** of a frind told me too...anyways it basically plagued my PC with some sort of a self updating trojan/spyware worm....if anyone else has this problem and has fixed it...plz help. All antivirus and anti ad ware programs i have tried...
  20. FreeDoM

    Msn or AIM users!

    Anyone ever hear the MSN/AIM message comfirmation sounds so much that you hear it when you're not even on the computer? Just a wierd thought, it happens to be all the time!