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    [MREL] Cow

    Well this is version 0.9 . It has my Vegeta GT's animations, but I'll update it with new ones incoporating the utter :p as soon as I got an idea how they may look. BEWARE: If you want a REAL cow, modeled exactly after a refpic, this cow might not fit you, but for the ones how want a funny...
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    [ALPHA MREL] No-vest-GSM

    PIC UPDATED Credits to AZN Dragon I made this a while ago and asked to skin it, but nothing happened, so I release it to the public to play it bit with the skin. I rebuild the upper torso and attached just a temporary skin. IT'S ONLINE CLICK MY SIG
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    MREL Vegeta GT SSJ and normal

    As my host seems to have problems I'll host it myself (for the beginning) It's a Vegeta GT with SSJ, featuring new gloves and hair, also skin changes, new genbeam anim and genbeam chargesprites (lightbeams and even more lightbeams) inspired by Movie 13. CREDITS: I used Vegetas from other...
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    (almost) MREL SSJ2/normal Vegeta SSJ4 pack

    (almost) MREL SSJ2/normal Vegeta SSJ4 pack NOW WIP As I noticed some possibilities to improve these models, so this is now a WIP!!! I made an edit to the Majin Vegeta from the Majin Vegeta Pack by: AzN, D.C. Darkling, MaX, BiG, PeP, Veneguard ,Soccer28jp aka Taimaishu and the SSJ4 pack by...