1. steve-o

    Mp5 model (Sorry not DBZ again)

    Ok.. its september 2003 Saterday the 20th.. I woke up at 9 and desided ill spend all day make one model and making it as good as i can and skin it of course.. So i found a nice picture of a mp5 on google (Love the image thing on google allways use it to find ref picture's). And i found this...
  2. Antoine3323

    Vassago Interview

    I just found an old interview that Vassago did from a while back. It was on a CS skin site, and I just happened to see it. It's Vassago's brown-eye! I can't think of a title :e by Sovkhan Interview Date | 05/12/01 Sovkhan: I know you started out skinning for CS, this was way back...