1. Mkilbride

    Minesota Moma hit with 1.5 Million dollar fine for downloading MP3s Wow, really? Just toss her a 100$ fine + 24$ for the Songs. Estimates show she could break into a music store, steal hundreds of CD's, burn the place down, and it'd have cost her less...
  2. H


    is there a site i can go to the has the battle themes and the transformation songs that i can dl for free so i can have all that playing when i play esf?
  3. I


    What are some of the mp3 from the esf full version?
  4. K


    does anybody know how i can turn a windows media audio file into and mp3 format so i can put in esf mp3s list.
  5. R


    Hi, i have a question about the default mp3s that come with ESF. Where can I find The Faulty CD I have looked all over the internet and can't even find info about the group. did they even make a cd? Thanks
  6. H

    What MP3s do u listen to while playing ESF?

    I like to listen to Tenacious D songs and I especially like listening to the Matrix theme while playing ESF. How bout u?
  7. Scorcher2k

    new mp3s

    Who the hell are the faulty? They sound great and they're perfect for ESF. I can't really understand what they're saying cause the music seems to be louder than them. Could whoever did the songs post lyrics?
  8. -DiGi.GoHaN

    How To play mp3s in game.

    Hello , im a bit of an esfn00b but , can anyone tell me how to play the mp3's during the levels , it seems to be not playing them , for some reason. Thanks.
  9. Mr. Satans

    Crashing Linked To Mp3s

    Ever since I have gotten ESF it has been working without any problems (Cept for CTDB). Then when I decide to make an Mp3 list I can't get into any servers or create my own. As soon as the loading screen goes away i get error pop-up about a fault in the client.dll. Hmm. Yet when I clear my...
  10. R

    MP3s for ESF

    Ummm, no dumb songs like papa roach and sissy park. Stick to the trance and techno stuff, thats the best...putting real songs in the game would ruin it. especially those. TECHNO
  11. thor

    good mp3s

    is anyone going to post some links to some mp3 remixs for esf or are you just going to talk about what music you have
  12. F


    hoi, ive got a questiona bout the MP3s.. (im from germany so sorry for my english) i want to put some own MP3s into the MP3 directory (some original DB bmps :rolleyes: ), is this possible?
  13. Nabollo

    new mp3s

    i made a couple mp3s... if you want them, email me with the link at the bottom of my message. they're pretty good.