1. I

    Wmv to Mov convertor

    I've been searching my ass of for a program to convert Wmv (Windows Media video) to Quicktime Mov any of you guys know where I can get such a program? Thnx in advance .:: ][ - XXX - ][ ::.
  2. SSJ n00b

    ok here bojack mov gohan not by me i released beacuse gamein and saiyan legend wanted it
  3. Frieza


    Umm Im using Milk-Shape 3d I need Help anyone here a mapper? Well mabye u can tell me how to... ( Btw I read the ' How to meak a hl model already ' ) Ok I make an arm I put faces on it ect How do I a) Change modes so when i make a face It dosent make a triangle b) How do I...