1. Ravendust

    Dragon Ball Mountain

    After seeing that quote and this video, I decided to put together an omage of my own. Stream via YouTube Download via MegaUpload I sort of see what you mean now, MC ;o
  2. Kaination

    Mountain Dew Sig

    Well, I just had to make one. I guess the 3 cans on Mountain Dew sitting there made me think, "Mountain Dew... hm.. what the ****, I'll make a Mountain Dew sig." So, uh, here it is. Gotta admit, I'm getting better <_< I got two questions though, How do you make a borderline (me...
  3. Phatslugga

    Mountain Dew: Pitch Black

    I have to say, this new flavor is really good. It's grape flavored.. I don't really like grape pop.. but this doesn't taste like regular grape pop. 10/10 in my opinion.
  4. 3

    Mountain making

    I've red some tutorials how to make mountains,but I don't get how it's doing.Can anyone help me with that?
  5. blackplague

    Mapping help, and some questions

    I need a mountain turrain for my map, its called esf_rivals, and its coming out good, and i also need a big lake, if anyone can help, please post... and whats the model name for the trees? my question, how do u make the map so lighty? i've tried everything and it still wont light up...
  6. OubliezJe

    mountain fall

    on riverside have you ever got on top of the mountain and got in the middle and click f to unfly and he'll seem to fall and never hit the ground
  7. 1_heart_boobies

    what is Bryce 5?

    i saw it on, the one tutorial with the 3-d machanical bug thing..
  8. Optional

    esf_118mountains ?

    looks cool but 1 question... esf_highway or esf_118mountains? esf_highway is what it says in the thumbnail, esf_118mountains is what it says in the actual full size pic
  9. Messiah Daz

    Im Back And Ready To Go!

    Yep Im back into mapping. Im sure my old friend Dj-Ready will be there to help like he used to. I need some ideas on a map to make. I am thinking of my own city version? Well cmon people IDEAS!
  10. Wangster

    w4ngst3rs bryce pics...

    well, sorry, i DO have the pic, but my lycos is down, so i cant get it hosted, can someone host those for me? so i can show the 2 pics i made? ( BTW: i wil thank opty for the inspiration...)
  11. P

    new wallpaper for an anime im makin.

    yo fellas whats happenin. im makin a new anime and im just makin the wallpaper for it to go with this. its about 20-30% complete and i just want to know what you like and dont like ps: its a sort of mountain area. only in a dream(it fits with my anime. ull see in time) if the...
  12. Imp.GuranGa

    Dabura ( esf )

    I'm making a Dabura for ESF here is a pic :laff:
  13. H

    New Map????

    Is anyone working on a map for when vegeta and goku first met like in the mountain's, and if has all ready been made can you give me the link
  14. icu2

    map request

    can someone make a snow map a map like the place tien and his little friend trained when they where waiting for the androids to arrive
  15. S


    Ok i made a map called esf_paradise, where are some mountains breakable/destroyable. theres only ground plate destroyable too. now i wanted to play it. ok i started it and begun at one of the spawnpoints. then i charged a kamehameha at the nearest mountain, it hit but the mountain didnt get...