1. frsrblch

    Moral revenge, the internet way Quite the story over a stolen Sidekick (which seems to be something like a Blackberry). It's ongoing too. I thought it was going to come to a happy ending, but instead I was left with an ultimatem cliffhanger. Looks like things are going much more...
  2. Mr. Satans

    ~ Big Head Model Pack ~

    This is VERSION 1!! The download will be on RED SAIYAN when I can get ahold of SPiN. KNOWN PROBLEMS: > Arms go into head when blocking (not all models) > Buu's "horn" gets Xtremely fuct when doing CANDY ATTACK > Super Imperfect Cell's chin is messed. > Krillin's face (both models) is...
  3. Effigy

    Moral Outrage l0l

    I just wanted to say, from looking at teh beta screenshots in the gallery, that the new powerup sprite/model/whatever looks bad? i never say ne1 powerup like this in the series and it looks bad... well thats just my opinion so ill shutup now...
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