1. Vuk

    some pic and mor later...

    Go comment,i need to improve my drawing skills....
  2. VivaLaPineapple

    wallpaper (1st since my new comp)

    yep all done with photoshop except the twisted grid which was done in 3dsmax and also
  3. Ultra33Gokussj3

    Gotenks Wip Again

    Because my previus tread was closed by........ , i have made a new one , A new and improove pic:
  4. Optional


    Who made it? Can you release it? :cry:
  5. M

    Heres a idea...

    Well just a thought, (i dont want them) but What if someone model like mortal combat peeps etc scopian, sub zero, etc
  6. I

    whant mor hunk meg

    its to slow
  7. D


    I was bored and decided to do something in PhotoShop, heres the end result... wow, its been a while since if used PhotoShop. Crits and comments welcome!
  8. TimTheEnchantor

    Adding a imagemap to my website..

    But i'm stuck between 2 types of them. I am thinking on put this image go free and not be contained by tables.. So which one would look better?? (btw my scheme of my site are the colors used in these examples)
  9. SandMan

    give me your critz

    I made a new Sig this morning, tell me what you think dont be too harsh :P
  10. Tyrael


    hi people i need help can you post all high quality pictures you got from ssj4 goku vegeta and gogeta:] thanks Warfear :yes:
  11. I

    Moving Aura's and hair

    I think the hair should ............ look more hair like =P but thats not what the threads about...... I'm suggesting an animation for the turbo.. the Aura should move instead of just.... not moving.. :S The hair should also move like theres wind... unless everyone uses extermely strong...
  12. I

    Trunks........the fusion is done^_^

    here is my trunks peeps....just finished head...and **** trunks!!!!!!!!!!!model!!!!!!!!
  13. T

    New stylin model

    me second model and first leggs:D chekc it out still have to weld tho
  14. T

    Early morning need sleep must finish this crappy sig.............

    ugghh sleepyClik here to view it. And if anyone wants this pathetic thing email me at [email protected]