1. Shako

    sephiorot - the mood

    nway i just find it interesting what you guys think about my sig. ;) rate it please and with comments. thanks (lol i never been good at them)
  2. xstortionist

    getting back into the mood of WIP check it out.

    Yea, I've been really busy lately and I've had like ZERO time to model. Bout 2 nights ago I wanted to see if I could even model anymore, and let me tell you I can still model...seems like I've gotten better. This is the first model that I have made in about 5 months. And its not bad at...
  3. D

    Favorite Character!!!!!!! with poll lol

    ok im very curious to see wut everyone here who makes models favorite charcter is so take the poll please reply with a 1 for brolli a 2 for trunks 3 for goku 4 for gohan 5 for vegeta
  4. ZuL

    Player model's "attachments"

    I have a few models that are unskinned and all, but I would really like to put "attachments" on them. I'm not in the mood to explain to some people what it is; experienced modelers can reply here and explain to me how to make them.
  5. F

    poly limit

    whats the poly limit on esf models?
  6. C

    For everyone asking me question

    Please stop ive quit the ESF team about two weeks ago and i dont check around here to often so please use other mappers as a refernce and for help untill i get back to the CP gamming mood again.
  7. fatmanterror

    Suggestions for this model (youve seen it before)

    hey here is the ussj trunks model again, i fixed a few things from the last pic, like he is buffer and at first the hair wasnt made of cylinders because im a dumbass and wanted to lower the polycount but now they r cylinders, but aside from that many say it doesnt look like him, so give me some...
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