1. BlueSaiyan

    Mom sues Monster energy drink over teen's death. What do you guys think about this? I hate how one of the top comment right now is "Sorry, no sympathy from me. Too much of anything is a bad." MONSTER energy drinks are clearly aimed at the same young crows who, back...
  2. H

    cloverfield monster vs eva-01

    I just seem that movie couple days ago. that monster is actually took alot of hytrogen bomb blst in the end of movie so I wondering happan if cloverfield encountering eva01 from neon genesis evangelion in rampage hardcore mode. who would win?
  3. H

    anyone drink monster?

    I still cant forget how great it taste..I drank 7 of them at the roll with 2 dubble layer nice. 2 of green and 1 of blue and 4 of orenge....I felt so energized until now I still feel so good and I drank 4 of them in breakfest. anyone drink monster over 7 cans in one time?
  4. J fox

    Half Life 2 cross Monster Mash song. Something a guy made. Kinda crazy but a good laugh as well and i think its from Garrys mod not sure.
  5. Rayos

    Anime: Monster Anyone here ever watch this anime. I am a fan of horror, mystery, drama type of anime's. Just wondering if anyone has seen this show
  6. M

    Monster hunter 2

    I thought the game was dead because i heard nothing on it, but i guess it just isn't comming to the states this time, a bummer =(, looks good non the less.
  7. FreeDoM

    Monster Hunter: Freedom PSP

    I only played it for 30 minutes, but it's pure l33tness. Hopefully it'll pass time with my upcoming 10 hour plane ride. Anyone have it? Any tips on how to not get owned with my slow-ass greatsword?
  8. john_volkov

    Buu bug OMG a monster

    Well i was swiming in a wather and when i'v swimn back the model deform like this And i was like OMG and NO I DON'T USE MODIFICATION
  9. Skyrider

    Monster Mod On Servers?

    I've attempted to search on the AMXMod Forums and attempted to download a Monster Spawn Plugin. I already have the Linux version of the Metamod Botsman Monster Plugin, and i got everything working, except. The monsters won't spawn.. Now i've been looking on the forums here and saw Me's (rick)...
  10. Chakra-X


    One half-life sever i reemeber had a giant monster in certain areas that could kill you. Why not have a map that has liek those dinosaurs from the show? or a giant fish in the water. They would be killable/respanable, so when u kill them, you can eat them to regain health. Or like sudden...
  11. Lethal_Vegetto

    Monster Plug In

    Where can i get it, and how can i install it so it will work with esf? Please tell me. Thanks
  12. Nuttzy

    wow, monster hunter

    im not 100% sure how long the game has been out, but its new to me i saw the trailer on a playstation 2 demo disc and i had to get it, it looked so ,... perfect the game itself has no story, literally, but thats not the point, its an realtime rpg/startegy/action game, and it is VERY VERY...
  13. P

    monster plugino

    can some1 plz tell me where 2 d\load the monster plugin plz
  14. A

    monster plugin

    Heya, Well i succssefully intalled the mosnter plugin but is there any way to make the mosnter use esf attacks e.x : ki blast ? thanks in advance AncientZed
  15. Zack(Vamp)

    Monster Mod

    Ok, a while back I learned of a mod which allowed to you upload monsters from halflife into Esf games, Ive already forgot what it was called. Could someone point me in the right direction? And then tell me how to install it if its too complicated for a novice. Thanks.
  16. S

    Missing monster

    :cry: the monsters are missing in the half-life maps, also if i use the command mp_allowmonsters 1 :cry: :cry: :cry: Can someone help me!!! :cry:
  17. SSJ Toast

    errr,..... the 1 eyed monster

    something i cooked up because i was bored, i jus gotta do animations and probably changes to skin and its ready to release, your thoughts? (deleted)
  18. Nuttzy

    errr,..... the 3 eyed monster

    strated it the other day, i used the body from my new and improved base model, (which im NOT releasing this time) and then skinmapped and skinned it just a few hours ago, im gonna chill for awhile then get to assigning him, please note, it is finished, you should know what im implying...
  19. D

    monster plugin question

    is it possible to raise the powerlevel of the person who kills monsters from botman's Monster plugin ( i have it working and running but i just need to know if it is possible to raise the powerlevel of the person who kills the monster x amount?Also where does the...
  20. X

    [Me]'s ESF Monster Plugin

    Purpose This is made by [Me] for making Botman's Monster Plugin for Meta-Mod compatible for ESF. Download both the files and then just follow the instructions below. This lets you put almost every Half-Life monster into ESF :). [Me]'s Monster Plugin .dll File...