1. S


    My moniter is being weird i turn my cpu on and the computer screen doesnt go on all that happens is my moniter light keeps blinking nothing else. any help would be appreciated.
  2. solidus

    No Moniter signal

    Heres a good one, one ive never seen before in my many days of pcs dying. At first the PC lost the harddrive. After booting without the harddrive, and then booting again with it, the PC finds it first time and it all works! WOOT! Until the Pc is restarted... then, it wont even output to the...
  3. I

    comp moniter + ps2

    is there a way to get like a ps2 or hook up cable to a pc screen. I heard all you need is to buy a special wire, and a tuner or sumthn someone please help out
  4. S

    Getting new moniter, how does it look? :D Yea, I'm not going to use the speakers, but still a plus. It has a good response time too, so I'm thinking it'll do very well.
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